Frequently asked questions

How can I purchase tickets to Puerto Rico Live events?

Our ticket sales are processed by Ticketera.

What is your ticketing policy?

All ticket sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges except in the case of an event cancellation or changes to event dates if you cannot make it for the rescheduled date.

Can I volunteer at your events?

We occasionally seek volunteers to assist at our events. Feel free to contact us to inquire.

Will I have a chance to ask questions?

While we reserve the right to change the format of our events at any time, we do generally try to offer the audience the opportunity to pose questions to our guests.

Our book club would like to meet the author – can you arrange this?

We love book clubs! We can’t promise access to our guests but we will consider requests.

Can I recommend a future speaker?

We recognize we do not have a monopoly on good ideas. Feel free to submit yours via the Contact Us page or on our social media channels.

Do I need to present ID to access your events?

You will need a valid ticket to access our events. You may need a photo ID for alcohol.

Can I buy tickets at the event?

No. All tickets must be purchased online via our website or ticketing partner, Ticketera.

Will you search my bags?

Probably. No outside food, beverages, banners, fliers, weapons, or large bags will be allowed on event premises.

Are your events bilingual?

Our events are hosted in English unless otherwise specified.

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